What are your digital art tools? Laptop (Processor speed 2.4+ intel icore 7) and a 2009 Wacom Cintiq

Digital Art Software? Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, and/or Paint Tool Sai

Animation Software? Open Toonz, Pencil 2D. and hopefully soon TV Paint

How about the traditional art tools? Holbein Watercolor, Van Gogh Watercolor, Pilot gel pens, Winsor Newton Markers and Artist Loft Markers, Sharpies, Sakura fine liners, Daler Rowney India Ink/Acrylic, Amesterdam Acrylic Ink, Turner Acrylic Gouache. I get most of my stuff from Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Blick (I live near DC and there is a store), Jerrys Artarama, and JetPens.com. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL when it comes to traditional art. I’m learning/playing around with these supplies. My main thing is digital art (i love that sweet ctrl+z)

How can I support you? You can become a patron on Patreon, or make a small donation on Paypal. You can also purchase goods like prints, ebooks, and other things from my Gumroad. I also have hoodies, shirts, and etc from my Threadless shop.



Here are a list of books that I own. I have not read all of these YET so I can’t quite say which I like yet but I have read a few. Research and pick whichever book you feel is could serve you best. I have been collecting these books for years and I’m making my way through them.

As of August 1, 2019
♦ = Highly Recommended by Pro’s | (CR) = Currently Reading || ♥ = Read/Partially read

Anatomy Books/Drawing People

  1. Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet

  2. Anatomy for the Sculptor by Uldis Zarins (This is more of a guide with little to no text but VERY helpful)

  3. Drawing People Clothed by Barbra Bradley

  4. Force Dynamic Figure Drawing

  5. Dynamic Figure Drawing

  6. Atlas Anatomy for the Artist

  7. Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery

Writing Books

  1. ♦ Story by Robert McKee

  2. ♥ Save the Cat

  3. Creating Character Arcs by K.M Weiland

  4. Understanding Show Don’t Tell

  5. Writing Dazzling Dialogue


  1. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu

  2. (CR) Making Comics by Scott McCloud

  3. ♦ ♥ Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud (read first)


  1. ♦ Color and Light by James Gurney

  2. Color Choices by Stephen Quiller

Animation Books

  1. The Animators Survival Kit by Richard Williams


  1. Basic Portrait Techniques

  2. People in Watercolor


  1. Perspective Made Easy by Robbie Lee

  2. How to Draw Manga: Putting things in Perspective


  1. (CR) Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson

  2. ♦ Drawn to Life by Walt Stanchfield (For intermediate artists)