Keondra and the New World

Genre:  Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
Status:  In Progress
Format:  Webcomic

Previously called, Keondra’s Missing Piece. In a segregated magical world, a naïve girl with powers, journeys into the supposedly dangerous yet mystical side of the world to meet her pen pal, but discovers dark forces are trying to change the world again and she is the key to their plans.

Old version is on Tapas. New version will relaunch.

(Relaunching in 2020-2021)

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Welcome to the Workforce

Genre:  COmedy, Slice of Life
Status:  Complete
Format:  Comic Book

A loose satire about my life and struggles in the workforce.

Read 5 old comics free on Tapas

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The Music In Our Hearts

Genre:  Slice of life, Heartwarming
Status:  In Progress
Format:  Picture Book

In progress

(Coming Winter 2019)


A Late High School Romance

Genre:  Slice of life, romance, drama, comedy
Status:  In Progress
Format:  Webcomic

In progress

(Coming Summer 2019)


Title to be Announced

Genre:  Slice of life, drama
Status:  Coming Soon - 2020
Format:  WebComic/Comic Book